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Cheers!Yum Sing!

The culinary team at Evelyn’s Garden believes that a good drink completes and perfects a meal, which is why we’ve put in the effort to make our drinks star as much as our food do.

Now that you’re visiting a Chinese restaurant, go all the way with one of our Chinese cocktails, featuring Chinese liquor and ingredients such as Chinese Rice Wine, Huadiao Yello Wine, Moutai, Lychee Liqueur, various teas, gingers, and much more.

For those looking for something mild, try our signature Chatail, which is Chinese tea infused with different herbs or fruits for a refreshing take on Chinese tea-drinking that goes back thousands of years.

On top of these creations, we carry a wide selection of draft beers, wines, Japanese sake, liquors from around the world, and non-alcoholic beverages.

Have a great toast with your family and friends, or sip away at our marble bar counter, either ways, “Yum Sing” (“Cheers” in Cantonese, literally meaning “drink to win”)!