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Evelyn’s Garden’s signature showcase of all things savory and tasty. Serving 50 classic Peking, Sichuan and Shanghai delicacies across 100 dishes, featuring even some long-lost recipes such as the Steamed Spinach Buns and the Scallion Pancakes. Perfect to be shared amongst family, friends and colleagues, Dish 100 is the very definition of a satisfying Chinese feast.


The only thing better than good food is more good food.

This is why at Evelyn’s Garden, we serve tapas style, so you get to savor more in one seating – and who knows, maybe you feel like having one of these petite pot of delicacies to answer that happy hour or late night craving?


Our hot boiled dishes are a spectacular of chilis, spices and hot oil to behold. Fierce in appearance yet delicate in flavor, our hot boiled dishes adds no addictive and uses only the freshest ingredient that give you the punch and kick (you asked for it), while balancing it so well to let the original taste of the main star of your choice shine through.


The recipes for Evelyn’s Garden’s sweet soups and desserts are taken from the books of famous local staple, Yuen Kee, who has been selling classic Hong Kong desserts for more than half a decade in Sai Wan and a family establishment of our very own Evelyn. Don’t leave without getting a taste of these Hong Kong sweet classics!